Working in our community because we love it!



  • Pro-actively tend to workplace safety, cleanliness, and compliance

  • Show empathy with active listening and seeking to understand others’ perspectives

  • Demonstrate self-leadership to others by aligning behaviors with Guernsey Industries’ mission, vision, and values


  • Communicate clearly, honestly, and with respect

  • Create the conditions for all stakeholders to feel safe in relationships

  • Demonstrate integrity by following through on agreements and responsibilities


  • Show confidence, pride, and ownership in work roles, delighting others by going beyond expectations

  • Maintain high quality in all aspects of products and services: planning, problem-solving, process, production, and delivery

  • Contribute to continuous improvement by helping others learn new skills, seeking help as needed, and supporting innovation and growth

Our mission is to provide opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to learn skills, gain independence, and engage in our community in meaningful ways.

Our vision is for every person with a developmental disability in our community to lead a thriving life.

Our Purpose

We help people with developmental disabilities lead a thriving life by providing opportunities to learn consistent skills required in today’s workplaces, gain independence, and engage in our community in meaningful ways.

Core Value:

Person-centered philosophy: Individuals have the freedom to build the life they need and achieve the things they want.

Products & Services:

Guernsey Industries Inc. provides contract work for local businesses. We are able to assist in the assembly, packaging, and sorting of products and materials for redistribution. We build pallets for various companies for shipping.

Guernsey Industries Inc. builds quality outdoor furniture, such as benches from 4ft up to 8ft, picnic tables from 3ft up to 8ft, Adirondack chairs, swings from 4ft up to 6ft, and A-frames. We offer a variety of stain choices to complete and protect your outdoor furniture.

Employment Services:

Guernsey Industries Inc. provides vocational services to enhance work-related activities to teach responsibility, attendance, task completion, motor skill development, and problem-solving. We provide Adult Day Support designed to maximize the individual’s independence through daily living skills, personal health and safety, and socialization, educational and recreational exploration.


Guernsey Industries Inc. is certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, as a non-medical transportation provider. We transport individuals working with Guernsey Industries Inc. to and from their chosen service locations. Transportation can also be arranged for those not using our services.


Work Skills

Vocational Training

Guernsey Industries provides services designed to teach and reinforce habilitation concepts related to work including: responsibility, attendance, task completion, problem-solving, social interaction, motor skill development, and safety.

Motor Skills Development

Guernsey Industries provides services designed to offer goal-oriented opportunities where skills and support are developed and maintained in a variety of settings. These services are designed to maximize an individual’s independence in such areas as activities of daily living, personal health and safety, socialization, communication, education, recreation, and work attitudes and skills exploration.

Education and Problem Solving

The Habilitation Center emphasizes skill development in the areas of daily living, mobility and socialization, community awareness, recreation, self-expression and choice making, fine motor and eye-hand coordination, and senior citizens activities.


Make A Difference

Employment First emphasizes employment as the priority and preferred outcome for working-age adults with disabilities.  Employment First recognizes the social and economic benefits of meaningful work for all individuals.  Everyone, regardless of disability, should have the opportunity to earn at least minimum wage in integrated community-based settings.

The value of employment for people with developmental disabilities includes:

  • Building relationships, friendships, and acquaintances;
  • Social identity as related to where an individual works and the type of work that is performed;
  • By working, people with developmental disabilities feel that they are engaged in meaningful activities along with the integrated working community;
  • Through work individuals with developmental disabilities often have a sense of competence and self-worth;
  • Income from paying jobs helps supplement their resources and improves the quality of the lives they can live.

As this initiative becomes a reality, we at Guernsey Industries look forward to providing more meaningful employment opportunities to the individuals that we serve.

King Karpet

“Chris is such a hardworking man. He always does a great job and has such a great attitude. He always shows up and goes right to work.”
Mitzi Slyvis and Jim Slyvis (Mother and Son, Owners)

An Enchanted Garden Florist & Gift Shoppe

“Mary is such a blessing. She works so hard to put a smile on others faces and we couldn’t ask for anyone better.”
Lynn, Owner

Guernsey County Administration Building

“Chris Jones and Will Emler are great guys. They are fast, thorough, and always work very hard. They would do anything that is asked of them. They don’t waste any time.”
George Wilson

Kennedy Bakery

“Will Elmer is such a joy to be around and does so much for all of us. He is reliable, hardworking, and always in a great mood. Will is a positive member of the Kennedy’s Team.”
Bob Kennedy and Patty Kennedy

SudZee’s Drycleaner & Laundromat

“Joe Devore is one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever met. He never misses a day, and works as long as needed without complaint. He always stays busy. While he is waiting on jeans to wash, he will do something else without being asked.” Brandy Jones 

Byesville Water Plant

Pictured; Donna Smith, Angel Watkins (Staff), Josh Green at the Byesville Water Plant. “We absolutely love these guys, they all work so hard. Angel has a great relationship with them and they have so much respect for her that the work is seamless. We couldn’t ask for a better team.”
Jay Jackson, Mayor of Byesville

Guernsey County Prosecutors Office

“Chris Jones is courteous and friendly. He is very hardworking, punctual, and always goes above and beyond what is expected. We couldn’t ask for anyone better.”
Joel Blue



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